Interesting Paint Job!

That’s an interesting paint job, certainly its a unique take on the idea of distraction camouflage, whether its a distraction for the right reasons is another question.

'Unique' paint job

‘Unique’ paint job

This motor boat was spotted by a visitor moored up in Corfu recently, we are not quite sure what the owner was going for when he purchased this particular paint scheme but it would seem that its unlikely discretion was the idea for him.

Our guys and gals are currently working on the yachts out of the water finishing them off prior to putting them back in the water in a couple of weeks ahead of the start of our season, hopefully they won’t find it too distracting and end up covered in the antifoul themselves!

We can’t wait to get the boats back into the water and see them being sent on their way for the first charters of the year and enjoyed again by our clients.