2015 Seasonal Boat Pamper

Our boats work hard for us and hard for you to ensure that you can enjoy your holiday without interruption, it is with this knowledge that we spend all through winter pampering and making sure our boats are in tip-top shape and all set to go again in spring!

Every year at the end of each season our team visit Corfu, speak with our ground crew, begin decommissioning and in addition to the standard checklist and seasonal maintenance that all our boats undergo such as antifouling and servicing this team goes through each boat with a fine tooth comb looking for any faults.

This results in a list of items for attention, the boats are hauled out and placed ashore and then the work can begin getting them ready for the next season to ensure they are all ready and set to go for the next season.

It also gives us a good opportunity to thank all our customers from this season for coming sailing with us and we hope to see you all again next year!